Arshia Mahmoodi

received his Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Shahid Behesti in Teheran. He further expanded his studies in film television and new media at UCLA extension in Los Angeles. In Iran he worked with Bahram Shirdel as project architect for the Imam Khomeini International Airport among other experiences and was principal architect at the studio of Michele Saee in the United States. In 2001 he formed blu_under with partner Kevin Mulcahey with a dedication to open up possibilities for development and progressive architecture in an integral relationship. In 2003 he launched null.lab with his partners Reza Bagherzadeh and Afshin Rohani with the mission to translate the far reaches of human imagination and emotion into realized space. After realizing several projects with international recognition he established Void Inc. in 2006 to continue work in architecture in Los Angeles.

Axel Schmitzberger

currently teaches as Assistant Professor at California State Polytechnic University after having taught at various academic institutions both in Los Angeles and Austria in the areas of Architecture, Multimedia and Graphic Design. He received his architectural master degree from the Technical University Vienna, Austria, and practiced in various architectural design offices on internationally recognized projects such as Donaucity Vienna, a social housing project of 300 units. He collaborated with Nofrontiere Design in Vienna and established hostcell with Robert Mago and Lisa Prichard in 2000 through recognized projects for the Austrian National Broadcasting Agency Online Department (ORF ON), and Nofrontiere Design and collaborated on the international graphic art periodical +rosebud magazine with award-winning contributions. In 2001 he relocated to Los Angeles and worked for the renowned international design firm Morphosis Architects on several internationally recognized projects.

2008 saw the official manifestation of 11.1 after two years of a fertile collaboration between Axel and Arshia.